• Grief Recovery

    Grief Recovery

    Outreach Program

    One of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society is


    the normal and natural reaction to loss.

    Whether your loss is from:

    • Death of a loved one Divorce or end of a relationship
    • Loss of career Loss of a substance dependency Loss of trust
    • Loss of dreams Loss of security Loss of health

    There is no timetable on grief. Nor does time necessarily resolve grief.

    Many grievers feel alone and isolated as they are given messages such as: Time heals all wounds”. “Why are you not over this yet?”. “Be strong for your family”. “It was meant to be”. Some question if there is something wrong with them. Wondering why they are not feeling better, why they aren’t stronger.

    Don’t feel alone. Reach out today and find the support and understanding you deserve.

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